1. A team shall consist of eight (8) players, being four men and four women. Only these eight players shall compete on any given night following the established rules of the game of tennis. Team captains shall exchange player lists before play commences. The Mens and Womens doubles will be played first, followed by mixed doubles.

Rosters have to be completed by July 18th. New Players will not be able to be added after July 18th.

  1. Matches shall consist of twelve (12) points and the league standings will be based on the following system of scoring in each match:

# 1 Men's doubles 2 points (2 sets, 1 point for each set won)

# 2 Men's doubles 2 points (2 sets, 1 point for each set won)

# 1 Women's doubles 2 points (2 sets, 1 point for each set won)

# 2 Women's doubles 2 points (2 sets, 1 point for each set won)

4 Mixed doubles 1 point per set won

Each captain shall report to the league scorekeeper, the number of sets and games won by each club during each match. In the event of a tie in any of the division standings, the number of games won minus the number of games lost shall be used to break the tie.

Every reasonable effort must be made by Home team captains to report via website, their match result to Lakeshore League. This has to be done no later than three calendar days following the date of the match. Failure to do so will be noted and may result in an assigned result of zero for the team that fails to report.

  1. Tie breaker game (first team to win seven points by a margin of two points) shall be played in the event a set is tied at six games all. Set result is then recorded as 7 (_) - 6.
  1. The #1 Men's doubles team must play in the #1 and #2 mixed doubles matches.

The #1 Women's doubles team must play in the #1 and #2 mixed doubles matches.

The #2 Men's doubles team must play in the #3 and #4 mixed doubles matches.

The #2 Women's doubles team must play in the #3 and #4 mixed doubles matches.

Therefore: man1 and woman1 versus same, man2 and woman2 versus same, etcetera

If any player is absent, the match shall be defaulted. Should the absent player arrive before the mixed doubles matches, said player may play. Once the roster has been exchanged and recorded, the order of players cannot be altered for that match.

  1. A team shall not consist of more than one girl junior and one boy junior (15-17 yrs old) per match. All juniors will need a “(JP)” after their name on the roster.
  1. Match play - Report time is 7:00pm unless otherwise specified in the schedule or agreed to by both captains. A player 15 mins late will forfeit a set. 30 mins late to a match will result in a default for the match.
  1. The league shall operate in a maximum of six divisions. The First place teams in each division shall move up to the next higher division with the bottom teams moving down. In the event of a tie, the total number of points earned between the matches of the two teams tied will determine who moves up or down in the next division. Also in the event of  the expansion or withdrawal of teams, then with the approval of the member clubs adjustments to the above can be made. Applications to enter new teams should be made in writing to the League Committee by March 1st. Teams from previous years can rejoin there division within 2 years of play, as long as it does not affect the top division moving up. The end of season 2018  will move accordingly: Div 1 and 2  one up one down, Div 3 one up and two down, and Div 4 and 5 two up and two down.
  1. Clubs with teams in more than one division may not use, in a lower division, any player who has played more than three times in a higher division. Players can only sub into a higher Division from a lower division and twice maximum. (I f a player from Division 4 subs twice into Division 2 and once into Division 3 he/she are finished subbing for the season.)  A player subbed three times does not move to a different division. Clubs with more than one team in the same division cannot transfer players from one team to the other. Violation of these rules will result in such matches being defaulted.
  1. Players must be bona-fide members of the club represented. A player shall play for only one club in any one playing season; should a player play another club at any time, such matches will be defaulted.
  1. Any player who is designated a full-time year-round tennis professional can only play in division 1. Club members or students who help with lessons on a part-time basis are not considered professionals and are eligible to play in any other division. 
  1. In the event that an injury is sustained by a player during the course of a match and the injury forces the player to withdraw from the match, the number of sets and games won prior to the withdrawal shall be recorded with the remaining games and sets being automatically awarded to the other team. No substitutes shall be allowed once a match has started. Total interruptions due to player injury shall not exceed ten (10) minutes. If the player cannot resume at end of this time then the player shall be deemed to have withdrawn from play.
  1. All matches (including those scheduled for statutory holidays) shall be played In accordance with the official schedule issued to each captain. Host captains are asked to contact the visiting captain shortly before each match to finalize arrangements. In the event that a match cannot start due to the weather or other emergency, then the host captain shall contact the visiting captain and together they shall agree on a new date and report this to the league scorekeeper.

Every effort should be made to re-play a rained-out match. For all teams we have designated 3 Rain dates in the schedule for use by Rain out teams. The date of the re-play match must be made known to Lakeshore League. If the re-play match can not be played by mid-September, the result will be recorded as 6 - 6, providing that the six all result does not harm nor benefit a teams standing in the division.

  1. The inability of a club to field a team on the scheduled date does not constitute a valid reason to reschedule and such club shall default the match. Any club defaulting an entire match shall not only forfeit all twelve points to the non-defaulting team, but shall also be penalized an additional six (6) points for the default.
  1. When inclement weather or other emergency prevents a match from continuing
  1. If six or more sets of the match have been completed then the remaining uncompleted sets shall be allotted in proportion to the sets already completed and the match shall be considered final. This could result in fractional points to each club. Example, rain out and score was at 4-2 for Club A, club A pro rate becomes 8-4 for the match. Rain out score 5-3 favor Club A pro rate score becomes 7.5 – 4.5 favor club A etc.
  1. If less than six sets are completed, the match shall be rescheduled and replayed from the beginning. New players may be used. Also, it is expected that players should wait at least one half hour to ensure that the weather will not clear.( Please re-book your match as per Rain Dates 1,2 or 3 and advise League coordinator of new date)
  2. The home team captain can only call the match 5:00pm or later on the date of the match due inclement weather.
  1. The host club shall provide a minimum of four (4) cans of new OTA approved balls for each match. The new balls are to be used for the men’s doubles and ladies' doubles, then for the mixed doubles. The host club is to provide reasonable food fruit, veggies, and crackers or chips) along with drink for themselves and their guests
  1. Whenever possible, the host club shall make available four (4) courts for each match but in no case shall there be less than two. New clubs entering shall have at least three (3) courts available for matches.


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